Name Location Date Interviewer
Anonymous 1 (2:44) Description: Leaving Tibet to Receive a Traditional Education
Anonymous 2 (2:52) Description: Escaping from Tibet
Anonymous 3 (3:04) Description: Imprisonment in Tibet
Anonymous 4 (4:49) Description: Treatment by Chinese Authorities
Anonymous 5 (2:45) Description: Arrest and Imprisonment by Chinese Authorities
Anonymous 6 (3:16) Description: Buddhist Philosophy and Decision to go into Exile
Anonymous 7 (4:28) Description: Middle Way and Nonviolence


Name Location Date Interviewer

Ngawang Khetsun

Drepung Loseling Monastery
Mundgod, India
June 18, 2011 Bobby Howard
Part 1 (1:09) Description: Early life in Tibet
Part 2 (1:57) Description: Family life & Chinese invasion
Part 3 (3:36) Description:


Name Location Date Interviewer

Yeshi Choedup

Drepung Loseling Monastery
Mundgod, India
June 18, 2011 Celi Birke
Part 1 (2:09) Description: Education and Childhood in Tibet
Part 2 (2:50) Description: Early Memories and Leaving Tibet
Part 3 (3:06) Description: Breaching the Gap Between Tibetans and Chinese 
Part 4 (3:28) Description: Tibetan Buddhist Philosophy and the Dalai Lama
Part 5 (1:14) Description: Early memories of Chinese in Tibet
Part 6 (1:53) Description: Reflections on Tibetan political issues
Part 7 (1:35) Description: Reflections on Tibetan political issues
Part 8 (1:44) Description: Buddhist philosophy and Tibetan political issues
Part 9 (2:01) Description: Reflections on the Dalai Lama
Part 10 (1:43) Description: Reflections on the Tibetan Children’s Village
Part 11 (1:58) Description: Reflections on those who helped raise him


Name Location Date Interviewer

Norzin Lhamo

Tsuglakhang Temple Complex
Dharamsala, India
July 23, 2011 Alexandra Jewell
Part 1 (3:14) Description: Parents' Stories of Chinese Invasion, Hardships Journeying to India
Part 2 (4:39) Description: Finding Work in India, the Dalai Lama, and Tibetan Autonomy


Name Location Date Interviewers

Tenzin Tsundue

Tsuglakhang Temple Complex
Dharamsala, India
July 23, 2011 Sidney Burris
Bobby Howard
Aly Servies
Katie Bruick
Clint Shoemake
Part 1 (3:58) Description: Early Tibetan Refugees, Growing Up in India
Part 2 (2:44) Description: Journey to Tibet
Part 3 (5:46) Description: Being Captured in Tibet
Part 4 (1:49) Description: Chinese Immigrants in Tibet
Part 5 (3:59) Description: Imprisonment in Tibet Part 1
Part 6 (2:25) Description: Imprisonment in Tibet Part 2
Part 7 (2:00) Description: Imprisonment in Tibet Part 3
Part 8 (5:40)
Description: Release from Tibetan Prison
Part 9 (5:07)
Description:  Physical and Mental Torture
Part 10 (5:32)
Description: Relationship with Chinese Cellmate
Part 11 (3:18)
Description: Tibetan Identity and the Tibetan Freedom Struggle
Part 12 (2:12) 
Description: China's Impact on Tibet's Natural and Cultural Resources
Part 13 (1:51)
Description: Explaining Tibetan Autonomy
Part 14 (1:58)
Description: Working for an Independent Tibet
Part 15 (4:00)
Description: The Dalai Lama's Vision for Tibetans and Democracy
Part 16 (2:57)
Description: Differing Opinions on Tibetan Autonomy and Independence
Part 17 (2:38)
Description: Chinese Economic Exploration of Tibetan Culture
Part 18 (1:37)
Description: Global Influence of the Dalai Lama
Part 19 (4:04)
Description: Consequences of Chinese Human Rights Violations
Part 20 (4:20)
Description: Vision of an Independent Tibet
Part 21 (2:31)
Description: Nonviolent Culture and Political Change
Part 22 (5:55)
Description: Worldwide Tibetan Unity and Chinese Nationalism
Part 23 (6:39)
Description: Practicing Nonviolence and America's Responsibility


Name Location Date Interviewer

Lobsang Namgyal

Part 1 (3:49) Description: Life and Education in Tibet, Decision to go to India
Part 2 (3:40) Description: Journey From Tibet to India
Part 3 (4:46) Description: Education at TCV, Chinese Education in Tibet
Part 4 (4:36)
Description: Tibetan Autonomy, Democracy, and the Dalai Lama's Retirement
Part 5 (5:59)
Description: Tibetan Buddhism, Nonviolence, and Returning to Tibet


Name Location Date Interviewer

Thinley Tamding

Part 1 (2:34) Description: Early Life in a Monastery, Problems Contacting Family in Tibet
Part 2 (4:12) Description: Journey From Tibet to Bhutan
Part 3 (1:58) Description: Tibetan Freedom and Hopes of Returning to Tibet
Part 4 (2:14)
Description: Chinese Presence and Exploitation in Tibet


Name Location Date Interviewer

Tsering Tashi

Part 1 (3:07) Description: Education in Tibet, Working in China, and Decision to Leave Tibet
Part 2 (3:39) Description: Journey to India, Attending TCV Schools
Part 3 (3:08) Description: The Dalai Lama and the Tibetan Prime Minister
Part 4 (5:08)
Description: Returning to Tibet and Getting Arrested
Part 5 (5:39)
Description: Tibet's Changes and Future
Part 6 (2:51)
Description: Chinese Friends and Propaganda


Name Location Date Interviewer

Phuntsok Namgyal

Part 1
Description: Preserving Tibetan Culture
Part 2
Description: Tibetan Education in Exile


Name Location Date Interviewer

Geshe Wangchen

Part 1 Description: Early Life in Tibet and Chinese Invasion
Part 2
Description: Chinese Army Attacks Lhasa, Escaping From Tibet
Part 3 Description: Tibetans’ Adjustment to Indian Society, Sympathy From the West
Part 4 Description: Preserving Tibetan Culture and the Global Community
Part 5 Description: Analytical and Concentration Meditation


Name Location Date Interviewer

Karma Dakpa

Part 1 Description: Growing up in Tibet
Part 2 Description: Chinese Invasion and Deception
Part 3 Description: Journey From Tibet to India Part 1
Part 4 Description: Journey From Tibet to India Part 2


Name Location Date Interviewer

Tsering Lhundup

Part 1 Description: Challenges of the Dalai Lama and Early Tibetan Refugees
Part 2 Description: The Dalai Lama, American Government and Tibetan Freedom
Part 3 Description: Tibetan Nonviolence Vs. Chinese Oppression


Name Location Date Interviewer

Geshe Lhakdor

Part 1 Description: Chinese Invaders Destroy Tibetan Scriptures and Monasteries
Part 2 Description: The Middle Way and the Tibetan/Chinese Situation
Part 3 Description: Tibetan Culture and Universal Human Values


Name Location Date Interviewer

Tibetans in Exile Today

Part 1 Description: Geshe Wangchen and Geshe Ngawang Khetsun Remember the Chinese Invasion of Tibet