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Testimonials: Lessons in Compassion

Our Mission, Your Project

The TEXT Program, or “Tibetans in Exile Today,” is an oral-history project designed to record the stories of Tibetans currently living in refugee settlements across India. The program primarily focuses on Tibetans that left their country starting in 1959, but still have vivid memories of traditional Tibetan culture. They all have unique stories to tell, and this program offers one of the few opportunities they have to share them. Younger generations also contribute their voice into how things have changed and what they hope passing on these stories will bring. This could be the only chance they get. It’s your task to be behind that camera.

What Our Students Return With

Eamon Lauster

Eamon Lauster

I had never left the United States before going on the TEXT program, and then I wanted to never go back.

A Special Note from the Dalai Lama

“His Holiness the Dalai Lama was pleased to have been able to visit the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville and to know about The TEXT Program. He feels involving the students in this program that records the life stories of elderly Tibetans in exile will enable them to understand the challenges faced by Tibetans and how these are met. Through the process, the students will have a better understanding of the impact of the Tibetan Buddhist culture of nonviolence and compassion on the lives of the Tibetan people through the ages. He wishes your project all success.”

Chhime R. Chhoekyapa
Secretary to His Holiness the Dalai Lama
May 27, 2011

Destinations along our Journey 

Besides the core duties of the project centered around the recording of the stories of Tibetans within refugee settlements, we also travel widely through India. Some of the places we visit are popular destinations for people wishing to visit the country for the first time. Some of our activities are the following: 

Agra, India
Iconic Taj Mahal

Dharamsala, India
Sacred Vistas

Question: What are the Hopes for Tibet's future?

In past trips, we always ask Tibetans, young and old, what their hopes for the future are. Watch our video to see some of their responses, and to know how you can play a role in making their dream come true by being there to share their story.

Select Media Accolades

1. The TEXT Program Featured on ESPNU

2. The TEXT Program: Winner of the John A. White Award

A Look from Previous Years