The interviews represent the work done by our students at the University of Arkansas who have participated in The TEXT Program, co-directed by Professor Sidney Burris and Geshe Dorjee. Traveling to India every other summer, and using the intervening summers to continue editing the footage, we will add material here all year long, as we finish it. The posted interviews comprise excerpts from the full interviews—we have attempted to make available the important segments while not burdening the viewer with the less important details that are an unavoidable aspect of all oral histories. While the transcripts here provide a record of the complete interview, we have also italicized those portions that are covered in the interview itself.

My students and I are continually working on editing the interviews and preparing the transcripts, and we will post them as soon as they are finished.  In queue, we have interviews with Tibetan monks, nuns, political leaders, activists, teachers, and, of course, the elderly Tibetans who escaped Tibet in 1959.